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Basic Level Concepts

Basic Level Concepts (BLC) are those concepts that are frequent and salient; they are neither overly general nor too specific. These BLC are a compromise between two conflicting principles of characterization:

  • To represent as many concepts as possible (abstract concepts)
  • To represent as many distinctive features as possible (concrete concepts). 


We have developed a method for the automatic selection of BLC from WordNet.  We use a very simple method for deriving a small set of appropriate meanings using basic structural properties of WordNet. The program considers:

  • The total number of relations of every synset or just the hyponymy relations.
  • Discard those BLCs that do not represent at least a number of synsets.
  • Optionally, the frequency of the synsets (summing up the frequency of the senses provided by WordNet).


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This package is distributed under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license. You can find it at


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